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Your Maternity and Newborn Portraits

captured your way



Your portrait experience begins the moment you contact me and ends with the delivery of your fine art products.


Your portrait planning meeting will take place at my studio in Boca Raton. This is where I get to learn about your vision and we discuss how I can help you bring it to life. you will learn about the fine art products I offer, choose design elements for your session and we will determine what you hope to showcase so that I can be sure to capture that for you.


Your photo session will take place in my studio or on location. Depending on the type of session, they can last anywhere from 45 minutes to 4 hours.


Before arriving at your reveal session, all of your professionally printed, hand-edited images will be thoughtfully placed on my reveal wall and covered with a privacy sheer. This is not only my client’s favorite part of the entire experience, but mine as well. This is my why. The feeling I get when sharing the moment my client sees their printed artwork for the first time is indescribable. I hope that you and I get to create this experience together.  


About Me

Hello! I am the artist behind Alissa DeLucca Photography.

I am a Florida native, currently living in Boca Raton. I married my best friend in 2007 and we have two amazing little girls.
I have always had an appreciation for photography, instilled in me by my mother, but I did not develop my love for it until after I had children. It was then that I realized just how quickly life passes you by and how important it is to capture the moments that turn into memories. 

I lead with my heart, but know when to follow my head. I love deeply, am loyal to a fault and am a big kid inside. I love sushi, coffee, traveling and both making and creating art from life's precious moments. 


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