One year later | Boca Raton Newborn Photographer | Alessandra Faye

One year ago, with my husband by my side and in my corner, I took a leap of faith. The focus of my business had shifted a few months prior when I fell in love with newborn photography. After performing sessions at my home, at client's homes and renting studio space daily, I realized that if I wanted to provide my client's with the experience they deserve I needed a space of my own. Having a comfortable, safe and welcoming space was the only way I could see my vision coming life. To provide a first-class experience to my clients while emphasizing the importance of heirloom art for their family to cherish. And so began the journey to bring my studio vision to life. That will be a blog post for another day. 

Today however I want to highlight my first newborn session in my studio with a client who is near and dear to my heart. We met years ago when our children happened to model together for Carter's and when I first decided to open my photography business, she was my first client! Leslie's support from the start has meant so much to me. I have had the opportunity to photograph this family for holiday photos, her maternity session and Alessandra's newborn session. Unfortunately, she has since moved and I am unable to capture Baby A's one year session, but I am grateful for all the memories. 

Talk about full circle! First session ever, the first session in my new studio, capturing the family's last photos in South Florida before moving. I am so blessed to have the opportunity to watch my clients grow and am so honored that they choose to stay with me as they do so. 

The first few minutes of Alessandra's session were spent hanging with big brother Giuliano. Not gonna lie, big brother and I had some catching up to do. We played as I showed him around the studio. I remembered to bring a toy he loved years before at his first session and it was just as much of a hit now! Mom changed for family portraits as I got to dote on beautiful Alessandra, all while under the watchful eye of her protective brother. I told Giuliano about each set designed for his sister and made sure to get his approval. Siblings photos were first, followed by family portraits and then while Leslie fed Alessandra we took much-needed Dunkin donuts break - coffee for me, donuts for Giuliano! 

Joe and Giuliano left for a father-son afternoon, while mom, grandma, and baby spent the remainder of the morning with me capturing baby Ali's newborn session. Sets filled with golds and yellows, flowers and lace, pale blues and frilly halos. And she looked perfect in each and every one. Ali's grandma was visiting from France and was able to attend the session and I can't tell you how much I loved this. Not only was she able to get a portrait of her and her granddaughter, but we were able to capture a treasured three-generation image for Ali to treasure.  These are the moments that warm my heart. My why. The reason I adore my job. Freezing a moment in time that I know is loved right now, but will mean everything in the future. 

Exist in photos. Capture these memories. Your children will thank you. 

Happy 1st Birthday, Alessandra Faye. South Florida misses you and so do I. Come back and visit real soon.