Boca Raton Newborn Session | Baby Camila

When I first met Camila’s mommy Brisa at our consultation appointment, she came to discuss a maternity session. We spent an hour or so getting to know one another, discussing her vision and goals for her session. The discussion ultimately lent itself to the consideration of a newborn session and can I just tell you how thankful I am that it did? Brisa and her husband Malcolm decided to book their newborn photoshoot with my studio and their session was nothing short of amazing.

A little shy of two weeks after she entered the world, Camila came to visit me at my Boca Raton studio. Accompanied by two beaming parents and graced with a head of hair to make you swoon, she entered the room and stole my heart! Her gorgeous dark hair and beautiful skin  complimented the blush, yellow and blue color choices for her session perfectly. Soft touches of floral and lace added to her classic session. 

Mom, Dad and I chatted about how they were getting used to life as a family of three, how things were with work and just life in general. Brisa told me all about her life as corporate executive and I learned that Malcolm is the head chef at an amazing restaurant called Southern Spice. (Right up the street from my Dad’s house in Hollywood, total win for me!)  I love the quality time that I get to spend with my clients, learning about them as individuals and truly building wonderful relationships. During our discussion, Malcolm expressed his love for one of my favorite products - the wood block collage. In my studio I have a sample 4 woodblock collage that he had been eyeing during the session. He told me he loved it, but wish it had more picture options. Mental note taken. 

One of my favorite things about my business is creating memories in the form of timeless pieces of art. To know that my clients have the perfect heirloom for their family. Determining WHAT that piece is varies from client to client. Malcolm wanted more, so I set out to provide just that. After contacting my vendor to inquire about a larger collage, I created a mock up of a 9 square woodblock collage for the family. At the reveal session, I showed the representation of the collage to Brisa and Malcolm and they fell in love!

I am not going to lie, I may have been just as excited! I have one wall in my studio that I have not been able to decide how to fill. As I mentioned before, each family who comes to my studio has their own personal wants and desires. It is hard to tell what art people will want and therefore what I should showcase for them to see.  Well after receiving this woodblock collection, I need look no further. It is without a doubt my favorite client offering to date and I am so glad that I listened to my client's desires and was able to make this happen for them. Here is the collection on display at my client's home I cannot wait to order my studio sample and finally fill my wall. Thanks, Malcolm!

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