Boca Raton Child / Family Photographer, West Delray Regional Park {Marder Family}

Let's talk family sessions....

The sessions we all want to book and yet can dread at the same time. Let's face it, parenting is hard! It is tiring and can be all consuming and the days somehow always turn into weeks quicker than you can imagine. Life passes quickly. In what seems like an instant, your baby is walking. Turn around and your toddler is starting kindergarten. Your tween is preparing for high school. Your teen is leaving for college. All in the blink of an eye. 

And although we all know the importance of capturing these moments, we often tend to put off sessions for a million different reasons. The thought of picking out clothes can be daunting. Will the kids listen or will they run around like they ate pixie sticks for dinner? How will I decide what images to showcase in my home? There are a million excuses we can make, but none of them truly matter. It is my job to help ease all of your fears. To assist in picking the perfect outfit, to wrangle those crazy little kids and to make choosing art for your home effortless. 

Stop putting off for tomorrow what you should do today. Let me be the one to make your photographic experience both memorable and stress free.