Boca Raton Newborn Photography - Sometimes you just have to break the rules

A typical newborn session occurs during the first two weeks of your baby’s life. Why you ask? Well there are a few reasons. Babies are born with over 300 bones which will fuse and slowly ossify into hard bone over time. This allows the baby to achieve that utterly adorable squishiness we all love. During this time they are more likely to curl up in “womb-like” poses and will typically stay asleep longer. During this time, they generally are not startled as easily and have not yet developed baby acne.

After two weeks babies may be harder to settle, may not like to be unclothed and may be more awake and alert. Most photographers, including myself, adhere to these timelines pretty rigidly. That all changed when I was contacted by a client who wanted to have pictures captured of her son. Her son was nearly 8 weeks old when she contacted me and only had a few day window in which to work.  You see Mr. R was about to go back to the hospital for his second open heart surgery. Not even two months old and this strong little guy had already endured more than most of us. There were several possible challenges with this session in addition to his age: Mr. R could not travel to my space in Boca Raton, he could not be lifted under his arms due to his prior surgery and he could not be posed on his tummy. 

The importance of capturing these moments resonates so deeply in me that I had to break my own rules and do everything in my power to make this session happen. I gladly rearranged my schedule and packed my car full of props, lights, blankets, wraps and outfits. His session took place in his living room between medicine doses and nurse visits. He was amazing and I am so glad that I stepped outside my comfort zone to make this session happen, restrictions and all. 

I am happy to say he pulled through his second surgery like Superman and is happily back home with his family.